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Shawall Temple #165 is located in the Oasis of Waukegan, Desert of Illinois;  approximately 40 miles from downtown Chicago. Shawall Temple# 165  was chartered in Waukegan, IL  in 1967 by Noble Eddie Jack Worship, our first Illustrious Potentate. The vision within the Fraternality was to bring like minds together and serve our communities here on the North Shore; which remains to be our  pride and joy today. The Nobility of Shawall Temple consist of a diverse group men known to be  some of the finest gentlemen here on the North Shore. Who are dedicated to the Order and committed to the community.  Our mission is Charity, benevolence, community outreach and mentorship.




Currently,  Shawall Temple has 52 active members on the roster, nine of them have served our organization 40 years as Lifetime members to the A.E.A.O.N.M.S. These members bring indepth history of the Order, and serve as Mentor to our younger Nobles striving to one day to lead and direct within the Fraternality. 




In 2011, we have give more attention and focus on our community outreach. We understand that duty calls for Shawall Temple to take front stage and remain visible during these trying times. Our outreach displays joy, peace and hope to our community with emphasis on unity amongst our people. We are collaborating with other Outreach centers and Faith-based organizations to  share and bundle our resources to capitalize on our target audience. 








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